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   Monday, January 18, 2021
Eden Mills Going Carbon Neutral

Eden Mills Going Carbon Neutral Facebook Group

 Eden Mills and District Community Club (EMCC)

The Eden Mills and District Community Club Inc. (EMCC) is the cornerstone of village activities. It is a registered charity. The club is committed to keeping Eden Mills and the surrounding area a true neighbourhood, rather than a bedroom community where neighbours are strangers. The club is a catalyst for a rich variety of social activities for all ages.

The club’s greatest asset and responsibility is the operation of the Eden Mills Community Hall. Built in 1916, the Hall is in the centre of the village.

Volunteers and club members have kept the budget balanced year-after-year with membership fees, hall rentals and fund-raisers. Among their many achievements was the funding and installation of an elevator in 2002, supported in part by the Trillium Foundation and providing full accessibility for those who are physically disabled and most recently completing energy retro-fits: making the hall the first century building in Canada to be a net-zero building with support from the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program, Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Musagetes Foundation.

Fund-raising has been a fine excuse for concerts, garage sales and an annual Green Christmas Fair. The club hosts a Hallowe’en party and End of School party at the Hall. Weddings and family gatherings top the rental list. Local churches and other non-profit organizations rent the Hall at friendly rates.

Eden Mills is special not only in its natural setting, but also in its long tradition of philanthropy, volunteerism and community spirit exemplified in projects which enhance the heart of village life. Over the years the community has worked together to create a ball park, a children’s play area and the well-known Eden Mills Writers’ Festival; and it has set itself the goal of going carbon neutral, which is a project operated under the umbrella of EMCC.


Carbon Neutral Heritage Community Hall



A project of the Eden Mills and District Community Club

The Eden Mills Going Carbon Neutral Project is supported in part by a grant from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s Community Go Green Fund.